We do not tolerate any cheats at Cooking Country, and that's why we carefully review everything you say to us. You can contact our customer service via official Facebook pages or at support@flowmotionentertainment.com .

Please provide the following information when you report suspicious behavior:

1. The player's restaurant name and level, as well as the name of his community (if possible, attach a screenshot to your message).

2. A few words explaining why you think this player is cheating.

3. A screenshot of your story.

If possible, provide the following information, as they may be the sign of a cheater:

- Achievements do not match the level of the city.

-The restaurant or the farm does not look like other restaurants of the same level (ex: all extensions of land are unlocked while the farm has a low level).

-The machine in the restaurant does not match the level of the city.

Nevertheless, these signs are not absolute proof that the player cheats. Wisely use your own gaming experience to draw the right conclusion.